The theme of the 2022 Scientific Programme is
“Techniques may change… principles remain the same”

New Technologies

Andrea Ricci (Italy) “Esthetic rehabilitations according to face and smile design”
Brandon Boggan (USA) “The printed future of orthodontics”
Dirk Wiechmann (Germany) “3-D root control with the lingual appliance”
Gina Theodoridis (Greece) “Pursuing excellence in aligner orthodontics”

Multidisciplinary Treatment

Zoe Nicolaou (Cyprus) “Treating facial asymmetries. Tips for optimal results”
Ute Moser (Italy) “Complex interdisciplinary adult patients”
Juan Carlos Perez Varela (Spain) “Treatment of maxillary skeletal hypoplasia. Is there only one way?”
Domingo Martin (Spain) “New technology in treatment of interdisciplinary cases”

Free Topics

Gregory Antonarakis (Switzerland) “Orthodontics and the special needs patient: the road less travelled”.
Jim Vaden (USA) “The orthodontic specialty – a curmudgeon’s perspective”
Frank Weiland (Austria) “The future is not what it used to be”
Nikolaos Pandis (Switzerland) “Waste in dental research”