Industry Sponsored Symposia

EOS work closely with industry suppliers to help keep orthodontists informed of the latest services and achieve the best results for their patients. We are pleased to include the following industry sponsored symposium in Limassol.

Invisalign Sponsored Symposium

“Orthodontic predictability & periodontal stability – An integrated approach”

Speakers:  Dr. Patricia Solano and Dr. Beatriz Solano (Spain)


Date and time: Wednesday 1 June, 12:40-13:30
Location: Ceronia Hall, Carob Mill

A huge share of success in interdisciplinary treatments lays on an adequate and fluid coordination between the disciplines that are taking part in it. Specially, the ortho-perio communication plays a crucial role in stablishing a common treatment plan, where different periodontal aspects of the patient are taken into account and adapted to the needs of the orthodontic treatment. Offering a more Orthodontically predictable and Periodontally stable outcome for our patients.

Curaden Sponsored Symposium

“Biofilm Management in Orthodontics – Aligning Your Treatment’s Success”

Speaker: Dóra Tihanyi Dmd, Hungary

Date and time: Thursday 2 June, 17:45-18:30
Location: Ceronia Hall, Carob Mill

Orthodontic patients with both fixed and removable orthodontic appliances require special care. Risk of additional inflammation and demineralization caused by poor biofilm management can delay the treatment, hinder success and cause additional complications. Appliances severely hinder correct biofilm removal, influence changes in biofilm composition and distribution, and thus create a favourable condition for plaque to rapidly adhere and accumulate. As the most recent evidence says: “The importance of adequate oral hygiene should be emphasized to all orthodontic patients” Muller et al. 2021.

Several dental professionals worldwide are faced with that, and express concern over difficulties in instructing patients on how to manage proper oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. Generally, clinicians provide routine oral hygiene instructions to orthodontic patients, but the efficacy of OHI might be limited, because only an individually created oral hygiene plan is sustainable.

The lecture will present a personalized biofilm management protocol which can provide dental professionals with a solution. We believe that the iTOP ORTHO method can open new dimensions in effective patient education to make your work even more successful.